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Hamster Escape – A Story

I want to tell everyone out there who is thinking about buying or owns a hamster about my hamster’s escapes. All hamsters aren’t as determined as this one to run away. I’ll start with the very first time my hamster Q.T. has run away.

1. One Friday morning I put Q.T in her rolly ball so she could get some exercise. Well while she was rolling around on the floor I was playing with my

syrian hamster

Cat and dog in the same room. I was so occupied with the other animals I forgot to check on the hamster. When it finally dawned on me that I had put my hamster in a ball, I went to check on her. When I found the rolly ball, I noticed the top had somehow come off! So I quickly grabbed my cat and threw her outdoors and raced down the hall leading to the back of the house to go tell my mom. A few feet before I reached my mother I saw something move in the shadow right where I was about to step! When I turned on the light, I saw my curious little hamster peering up at me. I picked her up and put her in
her cage feeling very relieved.

2. One peaceful day I was feeling kinda bored, so I thought I would go play with Q.T. When I got to her cage, I looked earnestly around for her but could not find her in there. I told my little brother of this so he could help me find her. We looked a bunch of places but could not find her. Then my brother found her taking a quite little nap behind the couch.

3. Every morning my dad wakes up really early in the morning and goes to the kitchen and gets some coffee. Well, this one particular morning my dad came out and saw something run across the floor. My dad turned on the light. When my dad noticed it was Q.T., he bent down and picked her up. Then returned her to her cage.

4. When Q.T. was just a little baby, we kept her cage on the fireplace so we could see her at all times. I think she got tired of being watched so much and decided she had enough of it. She somehow broke out of her cage and started walking on the fireplace looking for a place to get down, but then my dad discovered her and handed her to me to play with.

5. On one house cleaning day, I wanted to play with my hamster, but mother wanted me to clean the bathroom. So I got the idea to go and look around the bathroom for holes. If I didn’t discover any, I would bring Q.T. in with me and set her on the floor. Well, my eyes quickly scanned the room and didn’t notice any. So I put down Q.T. and started what I needed to do. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the hamster try to squeeze her way into something. I jumped after her but didn’t get there in time. She went into a whole my eyes had somehow missed when I was searching for them. The whole was too small for my hand to fit in so I ran and got a handful of food and stuck it front of the whole to lure her out. It worked but took a half of an hour till she came all the way and let me grab her.

6. One morning I wasn’t feeling well so I was going to sleep in. I did too. And heard of this escape when I awoke. One time in the early part of the morning my hamster tried to go to a very dangerous part of the house. The Bakery in the basement. You see our bakery is very popular among rodent friends so we have to put traps out to catch the fat mice. Well, I guess my little hamster smelt the good food and decided she couldn’t resist and needed some fast. So She got out of the cage and started to venture down the steps to get some food. My sister noticed she was gone and began to search. Then she looked down the steps and saw my little friend.

7. The evening of March- 28 Q.T. was bored and busted out of her cage. I guess she was looking for something to do. Once she got out and came up with the scheme of pestering my mom. So to do this, the little stinker went back to mom’s room where she was sleeping. Q.T. then got to the bed post and started gnawing away at the bed post. Mother heard this and woke up and listened more carefully. She heard where it was coming from and suspected it was a mouse. So she crept out of bed and then jumped at the creature and caught it with her hands.Just to get a closer look and notice it was my little rascal.

8. This time was the final time Q.T. got away. She ran away and never returned.


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