degus pets

Degus as Pets

Degus (also known as Octodon degus or brush-tailed rat) are rodents native to central Chile. They are closely related to Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas. Degus are small rodents with a body length of about 27cm, and they are typically weighing about 170 – 400 grams. Degus typically have brownish-yellow fur on their tops and creamy yellow fur on this underside. They have long thing tails with a black tip. Their ears are dark and sparsely furred, and they have pale gray toes. Degus have cheek teeth that are shaped like figures of eight. This is why they have the name “Octodon.” Degus are highly social animals and love to live together. In the wild, they construct elaborate burrows where they hide away from predators and store food.

degus pets
degus pets

What do degus eat?

Degus are herbivorous and are adapted to high fiber diets. In the wild, they mostly feed on native grasses, leaves, shrubs, and seeds.

Do Degus make good pets?

After Degus were used as scientific research subjects, degus have become well known and popular as household pets. Degus hold many advantages of traditional household rodents including bubbly fun personalities, and a long lifespan. Degus can live up to 13 years if they are kept in ideal certain circumstances


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