Dog Proof Litter Boxes

What Are The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes in 2017?

Dog Proof Litter Boxes

There are indeed a great number of options out there for those looking for a good dog proof litter box. You naturally want to find a way for your dog and your cat to co-inhabit peacefully without the dog going in the litter tray looking for “snacks.” A good litter box will deter any dog as well as being easy to access for your cat.

Litter Tray Options – What is the Best?

Most of the options out there is basically a design consisting of a litter tray covered by a box with a side entrance or smaller hole for the cat to enter. The more elaborate designs have an internal wall inside and a staggered hole to the litter door making it near impossible for a medium to large size dog to access.

Dogs and Cat Droppings

There is a broad range of theories on the internet as regards to why dogs like to snack on cat droppings. Some people say it’s because the dog is some craving protein or other nutrients it might be lacking in their diet. We can all agree that it is a horrible habit that needs to be controlled. This nasty habit could potentially be very dangerous for your dog. For example, they could pick up some parasites or dangerous viruses. They can also contract worms.

It is also not ideal for your cat either. The cat will feel that their personal space is being violated when they go to the toilet and may choose to stop using the litter box.

Methods – Ways to Keep your Dog out of the Litter

There are a few different methods you can try before investing in a dog proof litter box. If you have tried these and had little success, then you can continue with the buying process.

You can try and make a designated cat toilet area and ban the dog from this room or area.

Final Purchase

Before you make the final purchase for a dog proof litter box, it is important to read many customer reviews and check the star rating of said reviews. A good rule of thumb is to only go for products that have at least 10 reviews at least 4 our of 5-star rating. We wish you the very best of luck when choosing a dog proof litter box!




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