My Hamster Pets

I’m Jeff an animal lover from England. Welcome to my blog about all things animals and pet related. I mainly have Dwarfs, Syrians and 2 Degus.

My Hamsters

I have a Syrian Hamster called Jeff, and two Dwarf Hamster called Molly and Bob. My Syrian hamster lives in a Savic Hamster Heaven hamster cage as it is very large and more than meets the minimum size requirements for Syrian Hamsters. It represents excellent value for money because it includes a nest box, toys water bottle and a food bowl.

Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster

I love Dwarf hamsters, i have two Winter White hamsters which are one of the specific dwarf species.

My two Dwarf Hamsters are Winter Whites and they are living in a large Zoo Zone 2 animal tank. This type of enclosure is mainly marketed towards pet hedgehogs and guinea pigs, however it makes an excellent hamster tank with plenty of room and is ideal for people who want to breed hamsters.

Dwarf Hamsters are excellent pets to have because they are social animals and it offers a different dynamic to the ownership of a pet experience. You can watch them interact with each other and it’s cute seeing them snuggle up in bed.

There are three varieties of Dwarf Hamster – Campbells, Winter White and Roborovski. Robos are the smallest of the bunch, and they are expert runners and very fast. The larger ones are Campbells and Winter Whites. Most Dwarf Hamsters you will buy from a petstore will be a hybrid of the two. There are specialist breeders that can offer you a pure bred animal.

Interesting Hamster Facts.



dwarf hamster

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