Dog Proof Litter Boxes

The Best Dog Proof Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Boxes

There are indeed a great number of options out there for those looking for a good dog proof litter box. You naturally want to find a way for your dog and your cat to co inhabit peacefully without the dog going in the litter tray looking for “snacks”. Most of the options out there are basically a design consisting of a litter tray covered by a box with a side entrance or smaller hole for the cat to enter. The more elaborate designs have internal wall inside and a staggered hole to the litter entrance making it near impossible for a medium to large size dog to access.

There are a wide range of theories on the internet as regards to why dogs like to snack on cat droppings. Some people say it’s because the dog is craving protein or other nutrients it might be lacking in their diet. We can all agree that it is a horrible habit that needs to be controlled. This nasty habit could potentially be very bad for your dog. For example they could pick up some parasites or nasty viruses. They can also contract worms.

It is also not great for your cat either. They will feel that their personal space is being violated when they go to the toilet and may choose to stop using the litter box.

There are a few different methods you can try before investing in a dog proof litter box. If you have tried these and had little success then you can continue with the buying process.

You can try and make a designated cat toilet area and ban the dog from this room or area.

Before you make the final purchase for a dog proof litter box, it is important to read many customer reviews and check the star rating of said reviews. A good rule of thumb is to only go for products that have at least 10 reviews at at least 4 our of 5 star rating.





Fancy Dog Homes – A Owners Guide

There are so many people who are greatly interested in building a dog house for their pets because they would like to have them a better space to use in doing their different activities. But, there

dog cute

could be different designs and style of dog houses for you to choose from and commonly, there are some that would prefer to have fancy dog houses which could be really ideal if they have some good money to spend for it. However, before anything else, there are some things you have to know about it. There are far more important things to purchase for your dog.. whether it is a heavy duty dog crate or some quality food for them.

Luxury or fancy dog houses could really get a lot of attention from different people because of the look and style that it could offer. Typically, this may look like an exact replica of the house of the dog owner or it could be more than that. This kind of design is really common for rich and wealthy people who have a very big and large space in their house to put the luxury dog house they will build for their pet.

Different Things to Consider

When you are having this kind of dog house for your pet, it is important for you to know the different things that you have to consider. Some of those things are the following below:

  • Size of your pet – even though you are planning to have a big luxury dog house, it is still important that you will know the size of your pet. The height of the house should be enough to accommodate the size of your pet whether he is sitting, lying down or even standing.
  • Budget you have – you may expect that this kind of house should really ask you to spend a big amount of money so you have to consider the possible budget you can spend depending on the materials you want to use and the overall look of it.
  • The place where you will put the house – if your garden is big enough to fit a big dog house then it is your choice if you will make use of the whole space or only a part of it.

Tips in Building Luxury Dog House

There are also some useful tips that you can use when you are building the dog house that you want. This could help you to easily finish it and let your dog make most out of it. Some of those tips are the following below:

  • Check for the different designs in the internet to have better idea on what you can have for your dog houses. Make sure to spend time in doing researches and easily determine which of those could fit your needs and preferences.
  • You may also consider purchasing an already made kind of dog house that is available in different pet shops out there. This could be ideal to avoid spending more time and effort in building the house you want for your dogs.
  • It would be ideal if the design totally fits the character of your dog for them to be comfortable to it.
syrian hamster

Hamster Escape – A Story

I want to tell every one out there who is thinking about buying or owns a hamster about my hamster’s escapes. All hamsters aren’t as determined as this one to run away. I’ll start with the very first time my hamster Q.T. has run away.

1. One Friday morning I put Q.T in her roly ball so she could get some exercise. Well while she was roling around on the floor I was playing with my

syrian hamster

cat and dog in the same room. I was so occupied with the other animals I forgot to check on the hamster. When it finally donged on me that I had put my hamster in a ball I went to check on her. When I found the rolly ball I noticed the top had some how come off! So I quikly grabed my cat and threw her out doors and raced down the hall leading to the back of the house to go tell my mom. A few feet before I reached my mother I saw something move in the shadow right were I was about to step! When I turned on the light I saw my curious little hamster peering up at me. I picked her up and put her in
her cage feeling very relieved.

2. One tranquil day I was feeling kinda bored so I thought I would go play with Q.T. When I got to her cage I looked earnestly around for her but could not find her in there. I told my little brother of this so he could help me find her. We looked a bunch of places but could not find her. Then my brother found her taking a quite little nap behind the couch.

3. Every morning my dad wakes up really early in the morning and goes to the kitchen and gets some coffee. Well this one particular morning my dad came out and saw something run across the floor. My dad turned on the light. When my dad noticed it was Q.T. he bent down and picked her up. Then returned her to her cage.

4. When Q.T. was just a little baby we kept her cage on the fireplace so we could see her at all times. I think she got tired of being watched so much and decided she had enough of it. She some how broke out of her cage and started walking on the fireplace looking for a place to get down,but then my dad discovered her and handed her to me to play with.

5. On one house cleaning day I wanted to play with my hamster but mother wanted me to clean the bathroom. So I got the idea to go and look around the bathroom for holes. If I didn’t discover any I would bring Q.T. in with me and set her on the floor. Well my eyes quickly scanned the room and didn’t notice any. So I put down Q.T. and started what I needed to do. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the hamster try to squeeze her way into something. I jumped after her, but didn’t get their in time. She went into a whole my eyes had some how missed when I was searching for them. The whole was to small for my hand to fit in so I ran and got a handful of food and stuck it front of the whole to lure her out. It worked but took a half of an hour till she came all the way and let me grab her.

6. One morning I wasn’t feeling well so I was going to sleep in. I did to. And heard of this escape when I awoke. One time in the early part of the morning my hamster tried to go to a very dangerous part of the house. The Bakery in the basement. You see our bakery is very popular among rodant friends so we have to put traps out to catch the fat mice. Well I guess my little hamster smelt the good food and decided she couldn’t resist and needed some fast. So She got out of the cage and started to venture down the steps to get some food. My sister noticed she was gone and started to search. Then she looked down the steps and saw my little friend.

7. The evening of March- 28 Q.T. was bored and busted out of her cage. I guess she was looking for something to do. Once she got out and came up with the scheme of pestering my mum. So to do this the little stinker went back to mom’s room were she was sleeping. Q.T. then got to the bed post and started gnawing away at the bed post. Mother heard this and woke up and listened more carefully. She heard were it was coming from and suspected it was a mouse. So she crept out of bed and then jumped at the creature and caught it with her hands.Just to get a closer look and notice it was my little rascal.

8. This time was the final time Q.T. got away. She ran away and never returned.


Degus as Pets

Degus (also known as Octodon degus or brush-tailed rat) are rodents native to central Chile. They are closely related to Guinea pigs and Chinchillas. Degus are small rodents with a body length of about 27cm and they are typically weighing about 170 – 400 grams. Degus typically have brownish yellow fur on their tops, and creamy yellow fur on this underside. They have long thing tails with a black tip. Their ears are dark and sparsely furred, and they have pale grey toes. Degus have cheek teeth that are shaped like figures of eight. This is why they have the name “Octodon”. Degus are highly social animals and love to live together. In the wild they construct complex burrows where they hide away from predators and store food.

What do degus eat?

Degus are herbivorous and are adapted to high fiber diets. In the wild they mostly feed on wild grasses, leaves, shrubs and seeds.

Do Degus make good pets?

After Degus were used as scientific research subjects, degus have become well known and popular as household pets. Degus hold many advantages of traditional household rodents including bubbly fun personalities, and a long lifespan. Degus can live upto 13 years if they are kept in ideal good circumstances

degus pets
degus pets



Best Hamster Cages

Good Hamster Cages

I would say the biggest hamster cage that you can afford would be best for an active and healthy hamster. I recommends a minimum ground area of 360 square inches for a hamster cage which is quite small compared to other forum minimums. Rarely will you find a suitable cage in a pet shop that meets the minimum requirements. Hamster cages at Walmart tend to be very cheap quality and poorly built. The ones that are good, are more expensive. A good hamster cage should have a wheel for exercise as well as chew-able toys to help your hamster wear down their teeth. Food should be fed to them in a heavy ceramic bowl to prevent them tipping it up. Hamsters are not happy in small crapped conditions and may display signs of depression and repetitive behavior such as bar chewing. Hamster cages are available in a wide variety online as well as in store. It is best to shop around for the best prices, as there are certainly bargains to be had especially online!


There is a lot of module type cages with linking tubes on the market which are good as a add-on to a main cage but don’t represent a great stand-alone cage for a hamster. Hamsters thrive best in wide open spaces so multi-tiered cages do not count with regards to minimum space area for them.

Hamsters are very good at squeezing through very small gaps and they are prone to finding the perfect places in the cage where it is idea to start chewing in order to make an escape route. Even some of the some of the best hamster cages for syrians can give your hamster an easy escape route. You should have a rock solid cage so you won’t need to worry about your furry friend getting out and running around the house. Bars with smaller than 1/2 a inch should be standard when looking at cages because dwarf hamsters and baby Syrian hamsters can easily squeeze through caps. A good rule to follow is – If their face can fit through, then all of their body can follow as well.Dwarf hamsters are a lot smaller than Syrian hamsters and are able to squeeze through bars much easier so bear that in mind when choosing your cage. It is importantly to keep in mind that social species of hamsters need lots of room in order to keep them from fighting.

Low Budget Hamster Cage

Hamster Cage

As a low budget option – A bin cage is a cheap option for a hamster cage that easily fits the minimum space requirements. I would recommend going to IKEA and getting a large plastic bin and using that as a hamster cage. Find the biggest one you can find, and get some wire mesh to put over the top of it in order to secure it from cats or other predators.

The Savic Hamster Cages are some of the best hamster cages for Syrian hamsters and dwarfs alike. Very well built with nice colors. Included with the cage is a nesting area, tunnels, wheel, water bottle and bowl making it a good value buy.

Replacing Brake Pads

The braking system is the most important systems of your car, and a properly working braking system will  certainly improve your ability to bring the car to a stop quickly. This will ensure the safety of your vehicle’s operation, keeping passengers and other drivers on the road protected. Of course, this is highly dependent on the material quality used as there is a significant difference between them. The average cost of replacing brake pads is $150 per axle but it generally ranges from $100 to $300 per axle.

Before the 1970s, brake clutches, shoes and pads were made of a material similar to asbestos. This was chosen for it’s ability to dissipate heat easily. Asbestos had to be replaced because of the hazardous asbestos dust that people were breathing in so manufactures found other materials that delivered a high friction coefficient and flexibility to be molded into brake pads.

Estimating the brake pad replacement cost

The biggest factor you need to consider when estimating the cost of your brake pads replacement service will be the material quality you want. There are lots of different types of material used to create brake pads, and many of them can be more harder wearing than others. I recommend that you ask about which parts will be used when you phone up the auto repair is a good idea to also ask about which other components will be replaced along with a brake service. Brake service prices vary from auto repair shop and what kind of car you have. Luxury brands command a premium.

brake pads
brake pads

It is important to replace your car brake pads regularly when they become worn out in order to maintain their effectiveness and keep you and your passengers safe. The brake pad replacement cost is dependent on the materials used and the labor costs. You can buy premium quality brake pads that cost more money or you can go for budget pads that will not last as long.


Dwarf hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are smaller hamster friends that are native to Mongolia, China and Russia. There are 3 types of Dwarf hamster – Campbells Russian Dwarf, Siberian Winter White Dwarf and the Roborovski Dwarf hamster. Chinese hamsters are considered a “mouse or a rat” like hamster. Dwarf Hamsters can live together in small groups, and they are more active then the Syrian hamsters. Dwarf hamsters have short periods of activity throughout the day.

Syrian Hamsters vs Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are much smaller than the Syrian hamster and as such need to have special consideration when choosing a hamster cage for them to live. They are capable of squeezing though some bar widths, especially the Roborovski dwarf hamster which are very small and very fast.

Most species of Dwarf are social animals and do best when living with a cage mate or in some circumstances small colonys. Fighting can occur if they become territorial or become cramped in poor conditions with other hamsters, so it’s important to give animals plenty of space.

campbell dwarf
Campbell Dwarf Hamster

1) Campbells Russian Dwarf or commonly called “Campbells” is the most common dwarf hamster to find in a pet shop. The Campbells are closely related to the Winter White and as such, can reproduce together to create hybrids. This is not recommended due to genetic defects and poor quality litters. Campbells have a reputation for biting compared to other Dwarfs such as the Winter Whites, however with proper training and good upbringing this should not be a problem for owners. Campbell’s dwarf hamsters typically have narrow dorsal stripes compared to the Djungarian (Winter White) hamster and grey fur on the stomach.

2) Winter White Dwarf (Djungarian) most commonly called “winter whites” They resemble the Campbells hamster only they have 3 stripes that run down their backs and they can change to a white coloring in the winter but in captivity they don’t always get this winter coat. They are also harder to find in pet shops than the Campbells dwarf hamster. There are three types of Winter White hamster –

  • Normal
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire

3) Roborovski Dwarf hamster or called “Robo Dwarf Hamsters” are the smallest of the dwarf varieties and they are also hard to find in a pet shop. Robo hamsters have not been domesticated as long as the other dwarf species. Roborovskis are very fast at running and very small making them unsuitable for pets for small children. They are more of a ‘look at’ pet.

4) Chinese hamsters are often lumped in with the Dwarf species even though technically they are not Dwarf Hamsters. They look like Mouse-Hamsters. There is a lot of confusion online with regards to their nature as solitary or communal animals. It is accepted they are difficult to live together and fighting is frequent.

Facts about Russian Dwarf Hamsters

  • The typical Dwarf Hamsters life span is up to 3 years
  • Dwarf Hamsters are herbivorous and can eat animal and vegetable matter
  • Campbells and Winter White hamsters can pro-create and give birth to hybrid baby dwarf hamsters